Reportable Diseases

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) acts as a common agent for the States and territories in the collection and reporting of nationally notifiable diseases. Reports of the occurrences of nationally notifiable diseases are transmitted to CDC each week from the 50 States, 2 cities, and 5 territories through the National Electronic Telecommunications System for Surveillance. Provisional data are published weekly in the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report; final data are published each year in the annual Summary of Notifiable Diseases, United States. The timeliness of the provisional weekly reports provides information that CDC and State or local epidemiologists use to detect and more effectively interrupt outbreaks. Also, reporting provides the timely information needed to measure and demonstrate the impact of changed immunization laws or a new therapeutic modality. The finalized annual data also provide information on reported disease incidence, which is necessary for the study of epidemiologic trends and the development of disease prevention policies. Different reportable diseases will be featured periodically on the Social Statistics Briefing Room.   For more information on reportable diseases, go to the CDC home page.


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